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  Design Specifications

When Preparing a print-ready file, it is always worthwhile to use a vector-based design program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Print Shop Pro. Refer to the file format below for specific details. If your file is a full bleed file, ensure that you create a 1/8" bleed around your design so that the image can be cut without any signs of the white paper that it was printed on. If you are unsure of how to create a bleed, contact Clear Impressions. In most cases, it is perfectly fine to send the file without a bleed. The Clear Impressions staff will create the bleed to ensure that it is properly made.



Ensure that you create outlines before saving as a PDF. For Adobe Illustrator, go to "Edit," "Select All." Then go to "Object," "Create Outlines." Ensure that you save this file under a separate filename from your source file; otherwise you will be unable to edit the text in the future! If you are working off any other application other than the ones listed above, ensure that you save the file in the CMYK color mode to ensure that the product will match the colors seen on-screen. Note that unless the monitor is properly calibrated, there is a possibility that the image may not exactly match the digital version.


The native source file of Adobe Illustrator allows the print shop to make minor edits to a file if it is not print-ready. An AI source file should always be sent along with a PDF in case last-minute changes must be made. If used with a PDF file, it may be worthwhile to include crop marks to show where the image should be cut.


This file format is not recommended unless the design file is created in the exact dimensions that it should be printed in. If a PSD file is used, ensure that fonts are not smaller than 10pt, as font clarity will be jeopardized if it falls below this value. Ensure the file is in the CMYK color mode, and do not flatten the image if the printer is required to make minor adjustments to the design.


This file format is not recommended due to compression of the design. If this file-format is the only option available, ensure that the image design is the exact size that it will be printed in. Any enlargements will lead to a loss of quality. Ensure that the file is saved in the CMYK color mode.




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